Kinetic Oxygen

for Stress Relief, Enhanced Health, More Energy and Better Sleep!

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Kinetic Oxygen is a powerful,
well-established Health Technology, based on Natural principles.
It is a safe, effective and convenient method of enhancing the body’s innate systems of Stress Management, Energy Production and Cellular Repair.

Kinetic oxygen involves the comfortable inhalation of filtered room air, which has undergone a (patented) reaction within a Kinetic Oxygen device to energise or ‘activate’ the oxygen content of the air. The resultant Kinetic Oxygen allows 1) Better absorption and use of the oxygen by the cells and 2) Optimises various metabolic reactions, including energy production, cellular repair and regeneration and modification of the stress response.

“I can’t believe that such a short time can make such a difference! My sugar cravings are much improved. My energy levels began to improve within a few days…”

Mrs W. Collins, Gloucester

Stress Relief - Practical Solutions from Kinetic Oxygen

Potential Benefits of Kinetic Oxygen


    Improved Stress Response and increased resilience. Optimised Heart Rate Variability, normalised stress hormone levels = a calmer body and mind!


    Enhanced Cellular Respiration (ATP generation) = Improved energy levels and optimised cognitive function.


    More efficient metabolic reactions, improved circulation throughout body = Better sleep, mental clarity and wellbeing.


    Anti-oxidant status improvements at a cellular level, less damage from free radicals = ‘anti-ageing effect’ and general disease prevention.

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“…Cortisol levels decreased by an average of 42%
(17% – 59%) after one session of Kinetic Oxygen…”

Preliminary findings on the importance of Kinetic Oxygen
in managing the impact of stress.
Dr C J Bowen, 2018

Stress Relief Research on Kinetic Oxygen
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At home or in the office, Kinetic Oxygen can be a key resource
in your stress management toolkit,
balancing Peak Performance with Restorative Relaxation,
for a Healthy, Happy Life!

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