International Rentals of Kinetic Oxygen

International Rentals

Experience the benefits of Kinetic Oxygen without the outlay of purchase!
We offer International (outside UK) rentals of the KO6+ device to give you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ in the comfort of your own home or workplace, with our experienced support at the end of the telephone!

By renting initially, you can then buy with confidence – being sure this investment in your health and wellbeing will bring dividends in your quality of life!

To arrange your international rental today, email us at:, or call us on +44(0)1743-718-324 and we’ll be happy to help!

KO6+-Kinetic-Oxygen-Device for Stress Relief, More Energy, Better Sleep and Greater Wellbeing

KO6+ International Rental Fees

£120 / month

For international (outside UK) rentals, we offer a minimum rental term of 3 months. This is deemed the minimum necessary to provide fair assessment of effectiveness of Kinetic Oxygen for health and wellbeing enhancement.

The 3 months’ rental fees must be paid in advance (£360 GBP). If opting for a 6 month rental agreement, rental fees can either be paid all upfront or the second three months can be paid at the midpoint.

Due to the value of the machines, we ask for a £250 GBP fully refundable deposit; returned to you within 7 days of the safe return of the device to us in the UK. Any breakage of accessories and postage to replace, should it occur during the rental period, will be deducted from the deposit, and replacement accessories will be sent to you.

We also charge a one off fee covering: delivery (via courier), instruction, unlimited technical support (email / telephone), and any necessary health support. This one off fee is £100 GBP.

The renter is responsible for return courier arrangement and costs at the end of the rental (if not purchasing the device). We have found this is the most economical method for you, the renter; if courier arrangements are made from your own country rather than by us in the UK.

We would ask that whatever the exchange rate is, that we receive the correct due fees in UK sterling. All fees must be settled prior to dispatch of the machine.

Please note that the customer is also liable for any additional customs or import duties conferred in the local country. In general there are no additional fees incurred, though occasionally customers in South Africa and New Zealand have reported one off customs duties.

Payment Options:

The preferred method of payment is via international bank transfer (this has proved most reliable and economical for customers and us so far). Please note that if you transfer funds in any currency other than UK sterling, as additional currency conversion fee of £12.50 will be applied.

We can also accept (credit and debit) card payments, via the online platform Paypal, which we use for security and reliability. Due to significant additional transaction fees, card payments incur an additional fee of 5.5%.

Relevant banking and transaction details will be supplied when you confirm a rental booking.

Due to the value of the machine, we ask for you to supply a photo (.JPEG or .PNG or .PDF) of one photographic item of evidence for your proof of identity (must have your picture and address clearly visible), and photos (.JPEG or .PNG or .PDF) of 2 items for proof of your residential address. For identity we require to see either passport with photo (may not have your home address on it – that’s OK), or driver’s licence with photo. For residential evidence we require photographic evidence of a bank statement and utility (gas / electric), or Local Authority letters or National Authority letters, something official that identifies the renter at the address permanently based at, and which should be no more than 3 months old.
We will email you a copy of your personalised rental agreement for your review and signing. You can scan the front page of the contract after you have signed and dated it, or scan all of it if you wish, and email it back to us along with your proof of identity and residential address, that will be fine.
Please contact us for a sample copy of the rental agreement.


If you’ve any questions or queries about renting, or if you’d like any more information on the KO6+ device, please contact us via email: call us on +44(0)1743-718-324.

If you’re ready to book a rental, please contact us with the following information:

  • Full name and address for delivery.

  • Contact number (including country and area code).

  • Preferred method of payment.

  • Any clinical details you wish to share so that we can put together an appropriately personalised Acclimatisation Schedule.

Not sure if Kinetic Oxygen is right for you?

Contact us today to speak with Dr Claire Bowen – Medically trained Kinetic Oxygen Specialist, or Simon J Rowe – Stress Management Consultant and Transpersonal Psychotherapist – and discuss how Kinetic Oxygen can help YOU live life on YOUR terms, without restraint!

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