What is Kinetic Oxygen?
The Science and Research…

The Technology

Room Air is pulled into the Kinetic Oxygen Device through a high quality air filter. The air then passes over light-sensitive catalysts and is exposed to specific frequencies of light, via LEDs. This process causes the normal state Oxygen to be transformed into higher-energy Singlet Oxygen.

Since Singlet Oxygen is so reactive, within a fraction of a second, the Oxygen reverts to its normal state again.This process releases high levels of ‘Relaxation Energy’ (‘Singlet Oxygen Energy’). This ‘Activated Air’ is then inhaled via the unique intensifier delivery system mask or a simple nasal cannula (nose tubes).

Inside the body, the Kinetic Oxygen then acts as a powerful biological regulator and modulator to enhance metabolism, relaxation and healing at a cellular level.

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Kinetic Oxygen Technology has been around since the 1980’s.

Since that time, various devices have been designed to provide optimum effects on the user, with the greatest convenience and affordability. Valkion, Airnergy, Vital Air and SoeMac are all brands using the same ‘Activated Oxygen’ technology (also known as ‘Spirovital Therapy’, ‘Active Air’, ‘Activated Oxygen Therapy’ and ‘Oxygen Energy Therapy – OET’).

The KO6+ has advanced the design of the original SoeMac to provide a particularly powerful and effective device, at a highly competitive price!

Below are summaries of some of the studies which have been carried out on Kinetic Oxygen technology. For full details, please contact us.

Research Summaries

Enhanced Healing and Relaxation – Parasympathetic Activation

After one session of Kinetic Oxygen, Heart Rate Variability was improved by an average of 34%, reflecting harmonised Autonomic Nervous System action and enhanced Parasympathetic Activation.

15 healthy test subjects, Dr Ulrich Knop, Institute for Medical Bionics, Wolfsheim, Germany.

(Report on a two-stage controlled study, using heart rate variability measurements (HRV) in respect of the effectiveness of Airnergy+ – Oxygen Therapy, Dr Ulrich Knop).

Improved Stress response – Lowered Stress Hormone

30 minutes after one session of Kinetic Oxygen, salivary Cortisol levels decreased by an average of 42% (control subject decreased by only 9%), reflecting improved hormonal stress response.

7 healthy test subjects, Dr Claire Bowen, Unique Perceptions, UK.

(Preliminary findings on the importance of Kinetic Oxygen in managing the impact of stress. 2018, Dr Claire Bowen).

Improved Oxygen Utilisation

After inhalation of Kinetic Oxygen, Oxygen utilisation in the body was significantly improved (average 9.9% improvement after one 20 minute session). Also significant improvements in Peak Flow value, lower heart rate and respiratory rate.

19 healthy test subjects, Dr Ulrich Knop, Institute for Medical Bionics, Wolfsheim, Germany.

(Concentrated Oxygen and Activated Respiratory Air: a comparison between the physiological effects of two inhalation applications. Dr C. Schollmann).

Greater Endurance – Improved Performance

A session of Kinetic Oxygen prior to exertion led to significantly reduced lactate production and lower heart rate during exercise, plus a qualitative sense of ‘increased endurance’.

15 healthy amateur athlete test subjects, Dr Elmar Wienecke, SALUTO Competence Centre for Health and Fitness, Halle, Westphalia.

(Influence on endurance levels of an Airnergy application prior to exertion, Dr E. Wienecke).

In testing, this technology has also been shown to improve:

  • Rates of DNA Repair

  • Inflammatory Response

  • Antioxidant Status

  • Respiration Efficiency (Spirometry testing)

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