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Easy, Affordable options to experience the
benefits of Kinetic Oxygen!

KO6+ Device:

Purchase Price: £1995 (no VAT) plus £25 UK Courier delivery.

For delivery fees outside the UK, please contact us for details.

Kinetic Oxygen is intended as a long-term resource for improving internal Stress Management and optimising Health and Wellbeing.

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Try Before You Buy!

Alternatively, you can rent a machine to ‘try before you buy’ – Experience the life-enhancing effects of Kinetic Oxygen at home, without the outlay of purchase!

See below for the easy rental process and affordable fees, or give us a call to speak to a real person today!

Call us: 01743 718 324
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Kinetic Oxygen (KO6+) Rental Process and Fees

£125 / month (payable monthly) No Deposit required.


£50 – One off fee covering courier delivery (and collection at the end of the rental)

Unlimited technical support and specialist health support provided as standard.

Kinetic Oxygen Rental Process:

  • Decide on your rental period (minimum 3 months recommended for best effects)

  • Confirm your booking and make payment via telephone or email, BACS or Card.

  • Speedily receive your Kinetic Oxygen device via courier delivery to your home or work address.

  • Any questions? Call us on +44(0)1743 718 324.

  • Enjoy the cumulative benefits of enhanced wellbeing, with our specialist support at the end of the telephone!

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Contact us today to speak with Dr Claire Bowen – Medically trained Kinetic Oxygen Specialist, or Simon J Rowe – Stress Management Consultant and Transpersonal Psychotherapist – and discuss how Kinetic Oxygen can help YOU live life on YOUR terms, without restraint!

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SoeMac Device:

Purchase Price: £399 (no VAT) INCLUDING UK Courier delivery.

For delivery fees outside the UK, please contact us for details.

If you’d like to purchase the original Kinetic Oxygen device, the ‘SoeMac’, please click the link below to purchase online.

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